Monday, January 17, 2011

Bump in the Night!

For anyone who's interested, I had a 100 character short story on The Drabblecast [episode 194] this week! 
It's literally three sentences long.  They call it a 'Twit-Fic'.
This story can only be enjoyed aurally, so you can either grab it off of iTunes, or click on the link:


If you want to just hear my meager contribution, it's during the last minute or so, but I implore you to listen to the entire show.  It's one of my personal favorites.  I even had a 100-word short story called MY WIFE IS A HEAD OF LETTUCE featured in episode 167!

Get to it, kids.
Until next time,

Saturday, January 1, 2011


He's your best friend!
He's my best friend!
He's EVERYBODY'S best friend!
Read my latest short story ADAM over at Negative Suck!
Get to it.


Your second best friend,