Monday, July 13, 2015

A Flash Fiction/Interview! And Upcoming Appearances!

Hellllllllllo ladies! And also gentlemen. And also not-so-gentlemen.

Here's what's going on:

Had a piece of flash fiction and an interview that ran on Kevin Strange's blog as a part of his new series he's calling 'Flash Me Fiction'. Essentially, I wrote a piece of flash called JUNE, and then Kevin asked me a few questions based off of the story. In true form, I regard most of those question with completely asinine answers. Again, here's the links:


Next up, I've got two appearances scheduled.

The first is a reading at G-Mart Comics on August 1st in Chicago. It's part of the Bizarro Hour organized by Michael Allen Rose, and if you've ever seen any of their shows before, it promises to be a fun and funny time. We start at 8, so if you're in the area, COME ON BY!

Here is the Facebook event page for the Bizarro Hour with all relevant information.

And finally, you can catch me at the ScareLA convention in...well..Los Angels. That is August 8th and 9th. I'll be boozing and schmoozing and if you're there, come up say HI to me and make me feel like a big shot!

Here's the Facebook page for ScareLA.

Both these "appearances" are a part of a 2 week cross country trip I will be on as I relocate from New Jersey to Portland, OR. Hopefully, my tires will stay inflated and the cops will regard my out-of-state plates with kindness.

That's all that's new in my world. Things will probably be picking up around here soon. There's a new novel that is quickly coming down the pike (should be available through Fungasm Press in October) and I have a few readings/performances slated for when I get to Portland, but I'm not sure of the dates yet.

Later lovelies!