Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Puppet Skin's First Birthday!

PUPPET SKIN came out a year ago today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LITTLE BOOKIE! I'm going to celebrate by eating an entire cake by myself. You can celebrate by buying a copy or leaving a review over on Amazon.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PERSONALIZED BOOK SALE! And New Puppet Skin Trailer!

Business first:

Now that convention season is officially over, I can sell off the rest of my stock, so if you want a personalized copy of PUPPET SKIN or I WILL ROT WITHOUT YOU, today is the day! $12 each or $20 for both of them, shipping price included. And in addition to autographing the books, I will include some other fun stuff, including a piece of original artwork. 

To pick one up, send me an email at (danger_slater@yahoo.com) or just direct message me on any of my social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads)

Help me pay my rent! READ A BOOK!

And last but certainly not least WE MADE A TRAILER FOR PUPPET SKIN, and here it is:

Puppet Skin Trailer from Fungasm Press on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Upcoming Performances and My New Podcast!

Friends and Strangers Alike!

We're hitting the road next week (or rather, the sky, as I'll be taking an airplane) to take PUPPET SKIN out across America! Well, at least *part* of America. Denver, LA, and Portland LISTEN UP because we got some performances scheduled inside of you:

To wit: 
Oct. 18th in Denver 
Oct. 21st in LA/Burbank
Nov. 4th in Portland

These are going to be some pretty special and theatrical performances with a lot of funny and talented people (too many to tag them all) so if you ever wanted to check out a literary event THIS IS ONE YOU SHOULDN'T MISS.


And changing the subject entirely:

My girlfriend Lisa and I have just started a new comedy podcast called THE DANGER & LISA SHOW.

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, or directly from our host at Libsyn, here is the shows description:

It's a show where we just talk. To each other. For an hour. And that's it.

New episodes release every THURSDAY so make sure you subscribe.


Other than that, PUPPET SKIN is back up on Amazon proper, so make sure you pick up your copies while the getting iS good.

I love you all and thanks for the continued support

~ Danger!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I've Written Some Non-Fiction! Also, Updates About PUPPET SKIN!

Hey Internet!

I haven't updated in a while. Things are happening. Slowly, they're happening.

Here's the first thing:

I've had two non-fiction essays run at the Clash Media website. Linking below:




I've found writing these personal essays to be a cathartic experience, so hopefully there will be more in the future. Keep your eyes peeled.

Here's the second thing:

There has been a few problems with the paperback version of PUPPET SKIN on Amazon. Some computer glitch keeps bumping it offline or something. I don't freakin' know what the deal is, but it's been that way for the better part of a month. YOU CAN STILL ORDER THE BOOK FROM AMAZON, but it might take a while to show up. So while my publisher tries to straighten that out, they've lowered the price of the Kindle version to $2.99.

PUPPET SKIN - $2.99 Kindle sale

If you want the paperback (and I fucking hope you do) your best bet right now would be to go through barnesandnoble.com or bookdespository.com. You can still get a good deal there, price-wise. And I believe Book Depository does free shipping, even internationally.

PUPPET SKIN at Barnes and Noble

PUPPET SKIN at Book Depository

If that's not good enough, feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook or Goodreads or shoot me an email at danger_slater@yahoo.com if you want a personalized copy mailed directly from ME to YOU.

That's all for now.

Forever real,

Monday, July 18, 2016



A Bizarro/body horror/coming-of-age fable about a human girl rebelling in a strange world where everyone is turned into a puppet after they graduate 8th grade.

Here's the PAPERBACK

And the KINDLE

And, in case you're on the fence here are a few reviews that have come in so far:

From Dirge Magazine

From Cultured Vultures

From Splatterpunk Zine

And here's an interview my girlfriend Lisa and I did about PUPPET SKIN on the Bizzong! Podcast

Hellz yeah, folks. This is a very personal and very bizarre book I wrote and I really hope you all enjoy it. Thanks so much, Everyone on the Internet.

Danger Slater

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Upcoming Novel! And My First Acting Job!

You read the title to this post. We're not burying the lead here. I HAVE A NEW NOVEL COMING OUT hot off the heels of my last one, I Will Rot Without You. The new book is called PUPPET SKIN and as you can see from that picture, the amazing Katie McCann once again did my cover art. Here the description from the back cover:

Hannah graduates from middle school on Friday. That is the day she transforms into a living puppet, like her parents and teachers before her. No longer a human girl made of flesh and feelings, but a perfect wooden NEW self, whose strings lead up from her limbs to an endless black void above. With no pain. No sorrow. No sickness. No fear.

But Hannah has begun to suspect something is very, very wrong. And in a world where emotion is treated like a disease, and unknown terrors lurk inside everyone, just keeping your soul alive past childhood might be the greatest challenge of all.

"Puppet Skin is a dark, grotesquely-beautiful Bizarro nightmare fable for alienated teens of all ages. If you've ever felt lost in this deranged universe, Danger's book knows exactly what you mean." - John Skipp, author of THE LIGHT AT THE END and THE ART OF HORRIBLE PEOPLE

ARCs are available RIGHT NOW so if you are a blogger or reviewer (or know a reviewer) hit me up at danger_slater@yahoo.com and we'll see what we can do about getting you a copy.

The book releases this July, from Fungasm Press.

And if that wasn't enough...THERE'S MORE!

I have a small cameo in Anti-Films new movie THE WOLF AND THE BABY, a weird horror-comedy-thriller-I-don't-know-what-to-call-it. The whole movie is available to watch RIGHT NOW, FOR FREE on YouTube:


The Anti-Films guys are great. They even gave me a speaking role which officially puts me on IMDb! Plus they're fans of my books. HOW FREAKIN' COOL IS THAT?

So please enjoy the film. Especially since it's free.