Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zombie Nation!

Calling all Undead Fiends,
Pre-orders are now being taken for the very first anthology from The Zombie Feed, featuring a previously unpublished story by your favorite author/atom bomb, Danger_Slater!
That's right, kids.  This story will only be available if you order the book!
It's called HIPSTERS IN LOVE, a blood-soaked, brain-chomping, hipster-bashing slice of end of the world goodness! 
So what are you in store for?  Here's a short excerpt, to whet your appetite:

"We should start a band," Rob interrupts, playing the same 3-chord riff over and over and over again.

"Jesus, you two are giving me a headache," Vikki rubs her temples.

"Maybe you're turning," Rob tells her.

"Not funny," she replies. She sits on the counter and crosses her legs, almost painfully, as her pencil-thin jeans don't leave much room for movement. "When are Marco and X getting back?"

I look at my watch; Snap, Crackle, and Pop tick around the clockface. I got it from a cereal box. "Its only been an hour," I go.

On the table in front of me is a months-old copy of Newsweek. The cover reads in red bold-font APOCALYPSE! I haven't read the article yet. I'm not too into reading. Unless it's Palahniuk. Then it's...tolerable.

"I hope they find some Chai Tea. I can get kind of cranky when I don't get my caffeine fix," Vikki says.

"Really? We hadn't noticed," Rob chimes in, not looking up. She sneers at him, her grapefruit lips parting like the Red Sea; her smile an ocean of piranha.

From the boarded-up windows, the sound of pounding fists continues. Like rain spattering a sidewalk. I find it relaxing - the clawing, scrapping, the soft guttural moans of the outside world. Nevermind the fact that those fists are attached to bloodlusting zombies - the ravaged undead city, forever pulsing, trying to get in. I suspect they want to eat our brains. Or tear us to shreds. I suspect they want to come in and destroy the last bastion of civilization we've built here in this coffeeshop. Who knows? It's like music - the pounding. Just like drums. Maybe we should start a band. The last band on Earth. There'd be no one to listen to it.

It would be so ironic.

What's gonna happen?  You'll have to buy The Zombie Feed anthology Vol. 1 to find out!  Plus 16 other zombie-licious stories to eat your brains and transform your body!
Here's the link:

The Zombie Feed: Volume 1

What are you waiting for?  ORDER NOW!


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