Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love Me Announced!

That's right, kids.  My debut novel has been annouced!
It's called LOVE ME and it will be released by none other than the greatest jersey-devil-related-online-literary-magazine in the past three years, Jersey Devil Press!  Check it out HERE!!!
Now, I know you all have a million questions:
1. What's it about?
2. When will it be released?
3. I want lunch!
4. Who are you?
To answer:
1. I'm not telling.  But think Candide meets the Toxic Avenger on a low-budget porn set while David Lynch and Kurt Vonnegut argue over the script in the background.
2. It's coming out this summer.  No release date yet, but I can assure you, there is currently an army of mad scientists dilligently working on it as we speak, making sure every comma, every colon, every sphincter is securely in place.
3. That's not a question.  But check your fridge.
4. And who am I?  I'm Danger_Slater, motherfucker.  You're on my webpage.

More details to come.

Click it!


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