Friday, September 18, 2015

An Interview and Two Upcoming Readings!

Short and sweet, here we go:

1. Did an interview with Christoph Paul on his excellent podcast The Passion of the Christoph.

LISTEN HERE or just download that shit from iTunes

2. October 1st doing a reading at The Lovecraft Bar in Portland, Oregon. This reading is the book release party of Garrett Cook's new novel A GOD OF HUNGRY WALLS as well as being the kick-off party for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Lots of excellent bizarro writers will be performing, including (but not limited to) me, Garrett, Jeff Burk and Vince Kramer. I've written something special for this performance and it's either going to be a lot of fun or fail miserably.

3. October 6th I'll be reading again at The Hour That Stretches at the Jade Lounge here in Portland. Last month the reading there went well. This month it should be even better, as my girlfriend Lisa LeStrange will be reading too and I think we're gonna perform our joint 'Interactive Erotic Friend Fiction' bit we did at the Bizarro Hour in Chicago. And I *might* perform the 'Popsicle' bit that won me 3rd place at last year's Bizarro Showdown.

Come on out and support me if you can. I love you.


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