Saturday, October 1, 2011

For Those About to Rock...

Are you guys ready to rock-n-roll????

Of course, by rock I mean mineral matter of variable composition condensed in mass by either heat or water, and by roll I'm obviously referring to a baked piece of bread used for sandwiches.

[obnoxious AC/DC voice] Are you guy ready for those two things???

Well, tough titty. My new short story BAND PRACTICE is not about minerals or bread. It's about music.

Sort of...

For anyone that's ever played in a band back in high school or ever dreamed of playing in a band...or even anyone who attended your friend's band's shitty practice his mom's garage, then this story is for you!!!


Head on over to the rockin' Waterhouse Review and check it the hell out!

See ya,
~ Dangernicity

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