Monday, October 17, 2011

You're Fired!

Hello out there in Internetland!

May I direct your attentinon to Ryan Werner's literary project Our Band Could Be Your Lit.

If you don't know, at OBCBYL, Werner has taken on the challenge of writing flash fiction based off of songs suggested to him by other artists. Since I sometimes like to take a shit on my computer keyboard and then send if off to magazines for publication, I am such an "artist", which is why I suggested to him a song, which he turned into a story, which is now on the computer for your reading pleasure.

Here is Magic In Reverse based off of the Dead Milkmen's "If You Love Someone, Set Them On Fire" as suggested by me. It's the beautiful story of young love, the magic of youth, and self-immolation. And other-people-immolation, as well. Lot's of immolation in that story there.
Anyway, read it and find out for yourself:


Please enjoy.

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