Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Few Updates! Hooray!

Man, I don't update this thing enough. Blogging is kind of annoying. Especially adding all the links. And this post is gonna be fucking FULL of links.

Here's a few things that have been going on over the past couple of months:

1. I was a guest on 'The Bad Game Show' along with Tiffany Scandal and Don Noble. The Bad Game Show is Rooster Republic Press's answer to To Tell The Truth. It was a lot of fun, and it certainly lived up to its name. It's a giant mess. View it on youtube HERE.

2. Speaking of youtube: I started my own youtube show called Trying to Remember Movies with Danger_Slater. The premise is that I try to recall everything I can about movies that I haven't seen in over a decade. What I learned is that I can talk for a really long time about things I have no authority on. Watch TRYING TO REMEMBER MOVIES here.

3. My novella ROADVOLUTION, which was my contributed half to my last book STRANGER DANGER has now been released on it's own. So, if you hate Kevin Strange, but love me, pick up ROADVOLUTION in ebook or paperback formats. The same goes for Kevin Strange's contribution COMPUTERFACE. Or, ya know, just buy STRANGER DANGER and get more bang for your buck.

4. Be sure to check out Erika Instead's exploitation/b-movie blog Lady Terminator.

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. But I suppose that's all for now.

Until next time, Dangerlings,

~ D!

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