Sunday, July 7, 2013

DangerRAMA is OUT NOW!!!

That's right, kiddos!

My new book DangerRAMA is officially out and available for your purchasing pleasure! Three silly-ass novellas that are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, vomit, lactate, become smarter and better looking, contemplate life, grow 6 inches taller, and secrete a foul-smelling honey-like substance from you ears, nose and MORE!

Here are the relevant links:



Here's how you can win an autographed copy along with a refrigerator-art style drawing by ME!

And here's the release event page on Facebook, in case you want to help spread the word in much the same manner this novel will invariably spread your butt (with pleasure).

Thanks 10000% to Rooster Republic Press for putting out this book. And thank you, person reading this, because you're clicking on over to Amazon right now and buying a copy, AREN'T YOU?

~ Danger

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