Thursday, June 20, 2013

DangerRAMA! Coming Soon!

There's the cover art (front and back) of my soonforthupcoming book DangerRAMA!

In case you can't read the back cover here's what it says:

Ladies and gentleworms, gargoyles and girls – do you have the mettle to step up and peer into the mouth of mayhem, incongruity, shock and perversion? A trio of taint-tingling tales await you between these covers. Your taint will tingle. On your taint. The taint is that area between your balls and asshole, in case you didn’t know. Is it tingling yet? Good. Now let these three twisted novellas forever change your pathetic little life:

KNIGHTS OF THE WHITE CASTLE – An inter-dimensional tale of hamburgers, hubris and science gone mad!

SOMNAMBULANT – Terrorists, movie stars, and blue whales converge in this story about a dude who’s really just trying to get a good night’s sleep.

ME & ME & ME & ME & ME & ME & ME & ME – A computer malfunction sends a lone astronaut spiraling across the cosmos. Will he save mankind or just masturbate a lot?

That's right. Three new novellas in one nice little package! There is not an "official" release date as of right now, but this book will be available SOON. Sooner than you think. Like, in a week or two. Or three. Who knows. Point is - SOON MUTHAFUCKA! In the meantime here's what you can do to stay informed:

Add DangerRAMA on Goodreads by clicking this link

Visit Rooster Republic Press by clicking this link

Read an interview I did concerning DangerRAMA a few months back with this link

Feel free to 'add' me on Facebook by clicking here 

I'm really excited and very proud of this book and I can't wait for you fine folks out there in internetland to read it.

Thanks e'rrybody!

~ Danger!

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