Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Shit Coming Your Way!

PART ONE - New Flash Fiction

Yes, I have new flash fiction up at Bizarro Central. This story is called THE VERSION OF 'PINOCCHIO' WHERE PINOCCHIO HAS A DICK FOR A NOSE. And although the story is about Pinocchio having a dick for a nose, it's also a meta-meditation on what it means to create the kinds of stories in which things like Pinocchio having a dick for a nose happens.

PART TWO - New Interview

Another monolithic youtube interview with the one and only Kevin Strange. This time, I'm sober! Actually, if you have some time to spare, it's pretty in depth. Kevin traces my entire career path, from wanting to write as a kid, until today, on the precipice of my THIRD BOOK being released. It's been an interesting journey, to be sure.

PART THREE - Texas Frightmare Weekend

Last weekend I got to hang out with my Rooster Republic Press family at Texas Frightmare Weekend. It was amazing time, full of drunken debauchery, horror movie icons, karaoke and literature. I love everyone I met. Read Arthur Graham's brief write-up on Goodreads and hear about a 10th of the insanity that actually transpired. Plus we managed to sell a few copies of DangerRAMA.

PART FOUR - New Book

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